Dog Shock Collars: Teaching Your Dog Basic Obedience and Breaking Bad Habits

Dog shock collars are a prickly subject among animal owners. While their goal is to train a dog to follow a set of rules, many people feel they can be cruel to animals. There are many reasons to believe this and more to not believe. Here are some facts and some ideas to consider if you are in the market to purchase a dog shock collar.

First of all, the name itself, dog shock collar, is a turn off. No decent pet owner wants to hurt his pet. But, it is also misleading. The shock created by dog shock collars is minimal and safe to the animal. That is not to say that it’s a pleasant experience either. The experience is the same as static shock that we all have felt. It is very minimal and causes just a small amount of harm. The discomfort the animal receives will hopefully teach it to not perform such behavior.

How does a dog shock collar work? The dog shock collars work in different ways. Those that help keep the animal in an area with no fence, work through sensors beneath the ground that trigger the animals collar to shock the pet when it comes to close to no go zone. Others trigger when an animal barks. Again, it is like rubbing your feet on some carpeting. It feels the same as that type of static shock.

The bottom line is this. Shock Collar are effective in teaching a pet how to behave and how to interact with others and their environment. It is unfortunate that dog shock collars cause pain, but should this be a method of training, it can be understood why it is used. Making a decision on whether or not to purchase a dog shock collar is completely up to the pet owner. Again, there are positive and negatives to dog shock collars that must be examined. Only the pet owner themselves can decide what is the right choice in dog shock collars for their pet.

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Dog Shock Collars for Dog Training

Dog Shock Collars are used to train your dogs to prevent unwanted behaviors. Inexpensive, safe, and effective, these are the elements that this device can offer to any dog owner. It can give guidance to what behaviors are right and wrong. Shock collars can be used to control any misbehavior that you see your dog presenting. Dog Shock Collars are secure and efficient and are available in various sizes and levels of static to fit your dog.

Shock Collars are the best options if you are experiencing difficulties in training your dogs. Dog shock collars come in various designs. Some might cause a shock, and some others may vibrate. The shock is small and helps the dog to associate that unpleasant feeling with a certain action. Obedience collars can be very helpful and useful when training your dog to avoid certain behaviors.

Types of Dog Shock Collar

  1. PetSafe Dog Collar  is designed to assist in the training of your pet. The PetSafe Trainer Collar System allows pet owners to deter unwanted behavior from a distance via a remote transmitter to send a clear signal to the receiver collar. With just a few corrections from the remote your pet will begin to avoid the behavior.

     PetSafe PDBDT-305 Deluxe Big Dog Trainer

    he PetSafe Deluxe Big Remote Training Collar for Big Dogs is the first full featured trainer made for both professional trainers .

  1. Vibrating Dog Collar choosing a vibrating dog collar is very effective when it comes to creating the behavior that the owner would like to see in the dog, without resorting to the punishment that is seen with a shock collar. This collar will be a great tool in assisting a dog owner in training their pet.

     DT H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer with Vibrator

    The DT H2O 1 Mile Remote Trainer with Vibrator has a wide 1 Mile Range and is Completely Waterproof.

Dog training shock collars are truly useful in training a dog. The correct dog training shock collars are humane and efficient equipment and definitely will greatly improve your chance of successfully teaching your dogs. Training will occur each and every time that your dog barks, this type of collar should only be used if positive reinforcement of training.

Dog Shock Collars as a Training Tool

Dog Shock Collar can use as a dog training tool, it serves many purposes; whether you are trying to correct any misbehavior and unwanted barking. These types of training collars will help you to improve your pets behavior with a remote control with instantaneous feedback allows your pet to learn at exponential rates and quickly leads to better communication and a better relationship between you and your pet.

The Dog Shock Collar effectiveness is based on your pet being startled, not on administering pain. Most models also have a vibrating or vibration collar mode instead of using shock. As is often the case, these dog training shock collars can be used for various training regimens, including but not limited to, hunting exercises, agility training, pet containment, sport dogs, anti-barking and more. Good training is an important part of helping you and your canine companion live together in peace and harmony. And, more importantly, good training helps keep your Pet safe.

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